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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello All!!

I hope everyone has had a safe new year so far...
I figured I post an update on how things are going so far since its been a few months ...oops haha
lets see, I finished my first assignment for Halo Publishing International !!!
I was the illustrator for Smarty Pig, a cute story by Molly Nero, about a group of piggies who learn to love to study after a few F's on their report cards, you can find the book here: pig&filter_description=true&filter_category_id=194
I received my copies in the mail a few days ago and they looked awesome! It's funny how excited I get when I see my illustrations in book form.
And speaking of Smarty Pig, I am actually working on the second book which I'll keep everyone one updated on.

I'm also working with my good friend Jacob Drake creating story boards for his movie, which is fun for the both of us,we've been wanting to work together for a while, neither of us had the time til now  :3

I've also been uploading new prints to my shop which can be found here:, I experiment with more graphic/ stylized illustrations mostly using pen and ink.

I've also posted a few new things on both my portfolio websites: and

My hopes and out look for 2012:
~get a full time job in the art field at company creating awesome illustrations.
~hopefully have a nice pace of freelance jobs coming in.
~buying more my copic markers...I want the big set with all the pretty colors...
~having a steady income to pay off my student loans....(winning the lotto wouldn't be a bad idea either haha)

well those are the main ones so far.

That's about it for now, til next time.

~Monique <3

Friday, September 30, 2011


Exciting news,
I will be working with Halo Publishing International as an Illustrator!!!!!!!
And I got my first assignment yesterday! Its sooo exciting to be doing something that I love to do! WOOOO
The book should be out sometime in 2012 so I shall keep everyone updated!
Now to get back to drawing cuteness so i can take over the world lol just kidding...or am I? mwahaha

Monique :3

Friday, September 23, 2011

September is nearing an end

And its been a while since I've posted anything.... bad momo bad *slaps hand*...
I've been busy posting things to, working on concepts for my one freelance project and attempting to get a job....which hopefully I'll get a phone call later today saying YES WE WANT YOU! :)
ahh how nice that would be I shall continue to think positive.
On another good note I've been receiving some emails from people liking my art which is a nice ego boost, because sometimes I get into these moods where I'm not sure or I wonder why certain things haven't happened yet, and yes I understand it takes time sometimes a lot of time to get to where you want...
anywho also later today I'll be meeting with a client for a possible freelance job WOOT!

hmmmm what else.... Oh I will be making some sort of plushie for my aunt's baby shower... not sure what I should make...maybe a teddy bear or a froggie...dunno but i'm sure i'll have fun making it, i still need to finish my jelly fish purse and tote bag.... D: its just been crazy the last couple of weeks meh...

thats all for now....till next time....hopefully soon with awesome news :3


Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello folks,
It's been an interesting day, I applied as a tattoo artist, it looks good but I won't hear back for about a week or so...*fingers crossed* I really want a job ...  ; _ ;  I've been applying like crazy and either I hear nothing back (even if I call or email multiple times) or they like my art but decided to go with someone else which can get depressing but I know something will happen soon...I just have to keep trying and trying...and trying lol

Anywhooo I decided to practice some realism today after coming back from applying for the tattoo artist position.... and this is what I have after about 15mins of sketching from a mirror:
I love sketching in pen because you're forced to stick with the strokes you make.

Oh I've also made another portfolio website which allows more images for me to put up:

My friend, Amber, and I are making plushie pillows which look like this:

the material is super soft and its all hand stitched...yep painfully handstitched.
price for this: $25(USD) + $5 (USD) for shipping in the USA (if you're out of the USA let me know your location and I can figure out the shipping) and if you add $3 more you will get a handmade cellphone/keychain charm ( I sell the charms for about $10 - $15, so you get a really good discount :3 )

We accept Paypal :)

ummmm I think thats about it, till next time :3
Have a wonderful day!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Digital Painting....wip

So I decided to practice my digital painting skills in Photoshop......and this is the wip I have of my Littlest Yeti :)

I used a watercolor far i really like the grass....and some of the fur but....meh...not totally happy yet.... :(

any whooo...thats about it.
till next time!

~Monique <3